César Martínez de la Casa (hereinafter, "Bemaster") through this document, uses technology to collect information about its use in accordance with the article 22.2 of the law 34/2002, of 11th of July, of Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (ISECS).

Cookies are placed on your computer, Smartphone or other device when visiting our website and collect information when visiting in order to allow us to recognise users needs and get better its use and collect information with estatistic purpose. If users are our clients, the collected informatin with cookies will also serve for their identification when accessing to different tools which are offered by the company for the processing of services.

This present Cookies Policy will be applied to those users who visit freely the website of our company, fill the data forms, access to the company tools offered to its clients to process the services, or use any other service in the website that implies data communication to the company, to the service facilities.

The Company informs their website users about cookies and put at your disposal the present policy in order to inform you about the use and its purpose. Navigating their webs, means you know and accept this policy by these users.

Bemaster uses the type of cookies below:

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The time of cookies conservation will depend on the kind of each one and it will be always the mínimum required to fulfill its purpose.

Anyway, users can configure their navigator, so that it is disabled or the reception of every or some of the cookies are blocked. The fact that not to wish to receive these cookies is not an impediment to accede to the information of the company websites although the use of some services could be limited. Once given the consent to receive cookies, if you want to remove this one, those ones stored in the users devices should be eliminated by the options of those different navigators.

The way of configurating different navigators to exercise the actions above, can be consulted in:

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