Starting with the most basic definition, Bemaster is a classic role system, set in a world of epic fantasy, sustained by its own mechanics. Therefore, no additional rulebooks or add-ons are needed to play your games.

It pursues the goal of offering the greatest realism while streamlining all the actions that escape the narrative. In this way, with Bemaster we want you to be able to keep in any moment the immersion in the story and that your games enjoy a wide variety of situations that would otherwise be more complex to address.

Anyway, we could say that Bemaster incorporates to the usual role certain advantages and features typical of a PC game.


By subscribing to Bemaster, you will get a user with double functionality: you will be able to manage games in the role of DM (for the newest ones: Dungeon Master or Game Master) or access as a player to the games of other users.

Supposing you are the DM, you can organize a game by purchasing it from the store of Bemaster or creating it yourself from scratch. Then, you just have to assign the users from your friends to the different heroes of the game to access it.

If it is your first time in this kind of games, we recommend you to start in the way of the world of the role game with one of the games that Bemaster offers in the store. These games have already all the necessary material (script, boards...) and, in addition, are configured in the system with all the characters, objects, traps, places, tests...


As we introduced at the beginning of this article, one of the main objectives of Bemaster is to make sure that the thread of our adventure is not lost, something that usually happens in certain moments with traditional systems. To do this, and although we prefer you to try on your own the system to check its potential, we tell you some of the functionalities provided by Bemaster:

Advanced Testing and Checking System

As in any role-playing game, you can set the difficulty of an action and solve it by instant with one or several runs, but, in addition, Bemaster offers the possibility of making complex tests in a few seconds, such as climbing a wall, deactivating a trap, the creation of chests with random content and much more. You will bring realism and versatility to each situation.

Exploration and Combat Turns

For the continuity of the adventure, the system has two modes where to establish the order of acting of the characters: one for scenes focused on the narration and another for the combat sequences. In the second, both the master and the players can perform simultaneous action turns, creating unique and exciting confrontations.

Interactive Dashboards

If you prefer to use boards, in Bemaster you have several options that allow you to place the characters on the screen, so that they can move and fight on the board with a system based on initiative and speed. Moreover, Bemaster is fully prepared if you like the physical board format better or, directly, do not use visual support to represent the action.

Player Mode Access

Users who are invited to a game to control a character, have a complete interface to view their file, manipulate the inventory or, when the DM enables different options, trade in different establishments, repair the equipment damaged, perform checks or participate in the exploration and combat turns. It was never so quick and easy to level up, control a pet or exchange items with your allies. In addition, the interface of the Player Mode is very intuitive and simple, so the period of learning by an unskilled user, whether he or she has played a role or not, will be almost immediate.

Predefined Games

Although you can create your games from scratch and with total freedom, Bemaster website has a store, enriched by our team and the community, where you will find a wide variety of adventures to start playing instantly. When you purchase one of them, you have a downloadable script with the whole story, details and details, including the configuration within the Bemaster system: sequences/rooms, races, customized objects, characters, traps, chests, boards... In this way, Bemaster allows you an immersion in few minutes, without wasting of time and with all the comforts that the web application provides.

Powerful calculations

Bemaster mechanics are based on formulas and probabilities using D100 (hundred-sided dice). With each single run, the system makes a multitude of calculations automatically, offering a wide variety of results in your tests or runs action.

Much more...

Share images with players, review action records, create your own races, adds effects, objects, skills or spells. You will be able to master the system quickly, since we not only provide you a video tutorial for DM but you will also find some texts of help in the interface of each of the sections.

And the main thing: The Community

Although it is common to read this, the commitment of the Bemaster team is to develop along with all its users. We want you to be able to point the way to future contents, improvements and extra functionalities that the application incorporates during its growth.

Do you have any doubts about what Bemaster is? We answer all of them at help@bemaster.es
We look forward to your feedback in our networks!


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